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What are Groups? Groups are a great way to manage your Learners. Companies or classes may be divided into departments or sections depending on their specification. To ensure the specific Group of people are receiving the appropriate learning content, separate them utilizing Cerego Groups. 




Smart Group Vs Group, What's the difference? 

Smart Groups:  Takes out the manual work of  determining who gets added and who gets removed. Remember importing that CSV file above? That CSV file can contain columns of additional information for organizational purposes, BUT can also allow you to create rules when creating a Smart Group. From there, Cerego’s smart technology automatically adds and deletes the people based on those rules. 

Groups: Can be created and separated based on the Group’s specific need.  To do this, you have the ability to manually add  and remove Learners from a Group via email address. Groups work great for a specific selection of people that won’t change significantly over time. 



Groups: Groups are static and will only be modified if you manually add or remove people.

Smart Groups: will update continuously based on your rules.


Creating Smart Groups

Once your Learners have been uploaded via CSV File on the People Tab, you can now create a Smart Group based on a series of Rules that utilize the column headers in the CSV.


Groups Dashboard



Example of CSV



In this example, Rules can be added by either Department or Sub-department.




After adding a rule, Cerego will automatically tell you how many members match this rule, therefore allowing you to keep track of how many members are in the specific Smart Group. You have created a High School Smart Group!! 🎉


What if I have to add another User? Will my Smart Group and rules be deleted? 

NO! Cerego will remember each Smart Group and each rule. All you have to do is re-upload the CSV file under the People Tab and let Cerego do the rest. 


From the example above, we have added one new user (in green) to the CSV file. 



Once uploaded to the People Tab, Cerego will send you this prompt:


Because this New User falls under the High School Department, your Smart Group will automatically be updated as well. Cerego will remember all rules set forth prior to making the change.





Best practice is to always import a new CSV file if any changes have been made to your Learners. If utilizing Smart Groups, the new CSV file will add and remove any and all Learners to that Smart Group, should there be any changes to their column status.


Creating Groups

Similar to Smart Groups, Groups can be created and separated based on the organizations specific need.  Groups have the ability to manually add  and remove Learners from a Group via email address.  Groups work best if the selection of people won’t change significantly over time. 



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