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Knowledge Bank

What is the Knowledge Bank? The Knowledge Bank is where you will be able to see a  visual representation of how well you know the material in each of the Assignments you're learning. 

Cerego is designed to help Learners  build knowledge that lasts. Our goal is to help students distribute their practice over time, which is the most effective and efficient way to study.

Cerego delivers personalized learning by measuring memory on an item-by item basis. We can predict how long you, as a Learner, will have Mastery over a material and use this information to determine the best time to review. We call this the Mastery Metric, or memory permanence.




Knowledge Bank Navigation



  • Assignment Orbs: These assignment orbs are a visual representation of what you are learning. The more assignments you start, the more orbs  will populate.
  • Expand Knowledge Bank Icon: You are able to expand the Knowledge Bank and dive deeper into the concepts in each assignment. *Note* Clicking the Assignment Orb or the Expand Knowledge Bank Icons will both take you to the Knowledge Bank landing page.
  • Orb Detail Card: The Orb detail cards show a more detailed progress of your assignment orb. It displays how much of the assignment was completed, how far you have progressed and even if it's time for you to review.
  • Orb Detail Card Tabs (Easy Viewing)

    • Goal in Progress: Assignments currently studying
    • Goal Reached:  Assignments completed
    • Created By Me: Assignments you created
    • Everything I’ve Studied: All assignments completed and currently studying

 As you progress on your assignments, located on your Orb Detail Card, you will see a series of shapes with a number located inside. This is your Level of Memory Permanence. 


Level of Memory Permanence

Level 0 - New learner opened and reviewed assignment and is building demonstrated memory.

*Note* - it is normal to start off with a number <1 (ex: 0.8)

 Level 1 - Can be achieved with ~2-3 days of practice (retention for weeks)

Level 2 - Can be achieved with ~10 days of practice with scheduled breaks (retention for months)

Level 3 - Can be achieved with ~7 weeks of practice with scheduled breaks (retention for months)

Level 4 - Can be achieved with ~ 3 months of practice with scheduled breaks (retention for years)

Mastery - Can be achieved with ~1 year of practice with scheduled breaks (retention indefinitely)









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