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Recommended & Review



Let us set your study schedule! Click the Learn button and start studying without worrying about what materials you should prioritize.

The power of Cerego Smart Learn™ allows us to take the guesswork out of learning. With one click, Cerego calculated the most effective study session for you. Cerego can effectively calculate when you will begin to forget a specific piece of information you learned. You may learn a few new concepts or review previously learned ones.




Feel like you’re forgetting something? Click on Review to view fading concepts.

If you are caught up on all of your Course content , Cerego’s  “Recommended” engine will say you are good to go for now. This means you have studied all the concepts at least once and everything is fresh in your memory. 

Be sure to come back! Checking your recommendations frequently will ensure you are learning and building memories for each concept for better readiness.


Learners who have iOs or the Android app installed on their smartphones will receive notifications when it’s time to review. 


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