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Content Templates

We at Cerego want to make learning simple and effective, therefore we have provided a series of templates for you to make your content easy to organize and enjoyable for your Learners.


Teach and Instruct (Informational & Instructional)

Teach and instruct items  present key concepts to Learners. This is best used for providing information to be presented but not practiced. These instructional pages are not graded nor do they show up in the learner's Knowledge Bank. Utilize these templates for instructional and informational pages for the Learners  while they work through the Cerego Learning Set, Assessment or Survey. 

Build Questions (Application & Mastery)

Building Questions is the bread and butter of Cerego. Here is where you can assess a Learner’s understanding of material presented in Teach and Instruct items. Building Questions also allows Learners to practice applying the knowledge they’ve learned with Diagrams or Sequences. Add rich explanations and remediation to support problem solving and encourage your Learners to engage more deeply with the content.

Teach and Instruct

Make A Page

Have an assignment with complex instructions or want to showcase a video to kick off the assignment? Make A Page to explain!


Complex image diagrams, bulleted lists, and text explanations can all be presented easily with the Make A Page option. This option allows you to provide an overview of the learning objectives, instructions or interesting context for the rest of your set. The Make A page option is flexible and can be utilized any way that you choose. 


Make A Page option allows you to:

  • Add Combination of text
  • Add Embedded Media
  • Add Images
  • Add Sounds or Recordings
  • Add Video: Cerego will transcribe your video

Make a Page Template


Make a Page in "Preview Mode"




Upload a PDF

Already have instructions composed? Upload a PDF!


Uploading a PDF saves time and helps keep the format you would like your Learners to follow. 


PDFs are able to be:

  • Zoomed
  • Rotated
  • Downloaded
  • Printed
  • Viewed in Two Page View (Flipped like a book along the long edge)
  • Display All Annotations

Upload a PDF Template


Upload a PDF in "Preview Mode"




Make a Page and Upload a PDF are only to be presented but never practiced or graded. If you’d like more information to be given but not have an effect on Learners Mastery Level, simply Make a Page with multimedia, text and images  or Upload a PDF.



Build Questions

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Ready to start building memories? Let’s create Questions & Answers! 


Question and Answers are the foundation of building and retaining memories. These sets of questions can be composed of essential facts, terminology, and foundational principles that you’d like Learners to practice over time.


Question and Answer Template allows you to: 

  • Add Images: Customize your questions by adding optional photos to enhance the depth of the question or to better showcase the topic.
  • Add Sound: Have recordings of actual scenarios? Add them here! Listening and answering questions are also a great way to challenge your Learners application skills.
  • Apply Graduated Difficulty: As the Learner progresses through the set, enabling Graduated Difficulty will allow the questions to become more difficult to the Learner, while maintaining key concepts.

Question & Answer TemplateScreen_Shot_2021-05-05_at_7.16.01_AM.png


Smart Answers

Stumped on filling in Distractor answers, let Cerego fill them for you with Smart Answers. 

  • Select a Smart Answer Distractor by clicking on the +  icon.
  • Learn more about Smart Answers



Q&A in "Preview Mode"

Preview Mode allows you to view all Questions and Answers in your Learning Set.

  • Show Answers ON to ensure the correct answer has been selected
  • Show Answers OFF to view what the Learner will seeScreen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_11.54.33_AM.png


Q&A Explanations: Explanations are OPTIONAL

Your Learners will see the correct answer along with its explanation regardless of what answer has been selected.

Food for thought: For each answer, think about explaining why the Correct Answer should’ve been selected and why the Distractor/Incorrect Answer is wrong. 

Example: Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_12.06.54_PM.png



Apply knowledge by asking process, order, or timeline based questions using the Sequence template!


Sequences are best utilized for having Learners list chronological events, order of operations, or even sample sequences in a sentence.  


Some examples of content that would work great as Sequence are:

  • Chronological Timeline of Events
  • Math Sequences
  • Scenario Based Actions
  • Order of Operations

Sequence TemplateScreen_Shot_2021-05-05_at_10.52.46_AM.png

Applied Sequence Template


Sequence Template in "Preview Mode"Screen_Shot_2021-05-06_at_12.38.12_PM.png


The first time a Learner sees the Sequence, only ONE step will be out of order. After they have answered correctly, all steps will be out of order for all future reviews.



Want your Learners to identify HotSpots of an image or illustration? Create a Diagram! 


Diagrams are image-based items in which learners select a portion of an image to answer a question. Diagrams are a great tool for teaching visual identification and part-to-whole relationships. 

Some examples of things that work great as Diagram items are:

  • Anatomical images
  • Diagrams
  • Charts

Let’s start identifying HotSpots! 

  1. Select a Base Image you would like your series of questions to be based on. You will be able to choose to upload from the following:
    • Upload and Image from your Computer
    • Image with URL
    • Search for Image on Flickr


  1. Once you have selected your Base Image, now comes the fun part. Start to generate a series of questions based on the Base Image you have provided. For each question, select a HotSpot by using the Draw, Ellipse or Rectangle Tool.

Draw Tool: Create a series of points around the Region you would like to highlight.

  • Once you have selected the Region, close the section by clicking the first point you created. 
  • Your Learners will be able to select a HotSpot within that region to select the correct answer.Screen_Shot_2021-05-07_at_7.56.47_AM.png

Ellipse Tool: Select a more circular region using the ellipse tool. 

  • Once you have selected the Region, feel free to move the points to better capture the Region of choice.



Rectangle Tool: Select a square or rectangular Region using the Rectangle Tool. 

  • Similar to the Draw and Ellipse Tools, feel free to move the four points to better capture the highlighted Region. Screen_Shot_2021-05-07_at_8.19.47_AM.png



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