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Enrolled Courses

Let’s start studying! Here is where you will find the Courses you are currently enrolled in.  You will be given Courses to study  by your professor or Course Instructor. 

Already caught up on your studying, but want to learn more content?  Self-select and enroll into another Course of your liking by clicking into the Library Tab, next to Enrolled Courses.

How do I know when and what to study? The Recommended & Review section will generate a study schedule that's right for you.




When selecting one of your Courses, you will notice a series of Orb Detail Cards. If you have started an assignment in the Course, the Orb Detail cards will change color. If you have not started, these Orb Detail Cards will remain gray and will prompt you to start Learning.Screen_Shot_2021-05-13_at_6.32.07_AM.png

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