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Set features to customize your Cerego experience. As an Admin, you are able to customize a platform that suits you and your Users needs. Let’s take a dive into the Account Set-Up Navigation.



Account Set-Up Components 


Name of Organization: Have fun with it!  Input the name of your company, name of your school, or a fun name like “Memory Management Training”

Upload a Logo: This is the best way to identify your Account. Use your organization's logo for your profile image. This logo will also appear on your mobile app.



Enable Course Library: Enabling the Course Library will allow a Course Catalog to be viewable by Learners. Learners will be able to self enroll in Course that are not required but added bonus of Learning Content.

Product Notifications Settings: Determine which notifications will be sent to your Users. If your Users are receiving too many notifications, feel free to adjust here. 

Enable Course Enrollment Links: By enabling the Course Enrollment Links, you will be able to share your Course via URL.



Set Default Goal Level Across Course: Your Default Mastery Goal will apply to all Courses in your account. Learn more about Master Levels Here

Enable Sounds in Learner Experience: Allowing autoplay for audio that is embedded in the Learning Set. If disabled, the learners can still enable the sound on their end.


Add Custom User Fields: Custom fields are best utilized when you have added People via CSV and are managing Smart Groups. Cerego will be able to recognize the custom field within your CSV and give you the ability to sort via custom field. 


App Branding


App Branding

Customize your iOS Loading Screen via App Branding. Add a custom welcome or product name designed for your Course. 





This page is the first step in your LTI integration process, which allows you to access Cerego content through another LMS. Integrating Cerego into an LMS, such as Blackboard or Canvas, is quick and easy. Integrate Cerego to my LMS



Cerego allows you to organize your content on a large scale by creating different departments. Each department can have its own courses, content, branding and staff. Switching between departments is easy, allowing you to quickly organize your content. To learn if Departments are right for you, contact your Customer Success Manager for more information

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