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Smart Create Features 

Cerego has taken the leg work out of creating a truly effective learning experience with these three new features!


Smart Answers automatically suggests Distractors (incorrect answers) for multiple choice questions as you create them. With a single click, you now have multiple Distractors at your fingertips without having to think too hard about them.

Smart Suggestions underlines and highlights important concepts in your Teach and Instruct pages allowing you to turn them into multiple choice questions. This feature allows your content creator to generate applicable questions to the material while effectively teaching the key concepts with just a few clicks. 

Smart Questions automatically scales the difficulty of quizzes for a learner, making them more challenging (and more effective for learning!) as they progress. As a creator you don’t need to design each of these quizzes yourself - let Cerego do the heavy lifting. Simply identify the concept you want your Learners to learn and let the system do the rest. Cerego will schedule and scale up the quizzes in the optimal way for each Learner. 



Smart Answers

For a multiple choice question, given one or more correct answer(s), this feature auto generates potential Distractors relevant to the correct answer(s). The content creator can add answers that they like with a single click.



Smart Answers can also create distractors for math equations as well! 



Smart Suggestions

When utilizing the Make A Page content template, a passage text of any length will be highlighted with  keywords/phrases (clozes) that have a high probability of being Question & Answers items.

Smart Suggestions detects noun phrases, dates, numbers, names & ranks them according to their linguistic features and returns the top suggestions, with at least one suggestion per sentence. 

A content creator can click on one of the suggestions, which triggers the system to automatically create the associated passage-type Q&A item in the same set. The Smart Answers API will automatically generate distractors for this new Q&A item.



Select Your Own Smart Suggestion

See a word that is not highlighted in your inserted text? Smart Suggestions allows you to manually highlight the desired word/phrase to create a Q&A item as shown below. Once text is highlighted, an option will appear below the text box to “Create a question and answer”.Screen_Shot_2021-05-11_at_10.13.47_AM.png

Once a Q&A has been created, you are able to link the instructional material for your Learner to review. Screen_Shot_2021-05-11_at_1.04.43_PM.png


Smart Questions

During Learners’ scheduled reviews, Q&A items transition from multiple choice questions to type-the-answer questions. This feature helps adapt questions to become more challenging as learners demonstrate knowledge gains, helping to maximize long-term retention. Type-the-answer is better for learning and reduces the number of times a learner has to review a concept overall.


The same occurs for Diagram items. Diagram questions which will transition from clicking one of the selected regions to not showcasing the selected region in its entirety, only the Base Image.

Questions with multiple correct answers, or where the correct answer is too long to be reasonably typed out, will never be shown as type-the-answer. 


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