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Don’t know who’s on the Account? Check out the People Tab! People Tab is where you will find all your Instructors, Learners and Staff  wrapped up in one. This is the primary area to view, add and remove Instructors and Learners only. To add and remove Staff members, select the Staff Tab.



Adding People

Cerego has created two options to add People into your Cerego Account. 

  • Import People from CSV
  • Add People from Email



Import People from CSV


Uploading one email at a time can be tough, so we have made it easy and efficient to upload a CSV file of all people who will be participating in Cerego Learning. 

The CSV file can include columns that keep your Account organized. 

  • Full Name (First and Last) - Required
  • Email - Required
  • Employee # or Student ID# - Optional
  • Department - Optional
  • Sub-department - Optional

Adding optional columns in your CSV will allow you to also utilize our Smart Group Option for better Learner Management. Check out Smart Groups


Match Your Columns

After uploading your CSV, be sure to Match your Columns with the CSV file, Cerego may not be able to decipher multiple headers.

Example: If you CSV Header states  “Employees” instead of “Name,” Cerego may not recognize it, therefore we make sure Cerego is matching the correct columns. 




Once you have matched the columns your Accounts have been activated. Each person will be enrolled as a Learners until you decide to change their role to a Staff Member or Administrator. Learn how to to add Staff 



Add People By Email 

Need to add only a few People? Add them via email separated by a comma.



PROTIP:   The benefit of using CSV's is that Cerego will recognize when the CSV has been changed and/or updated and will remember the rules you set forth. BEST PRACTICE

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