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Other Assignments Options

We are here to help! We at Cerego are here to make learning fun while also  ensuring you and your Learners are achieving all of your learning goals. Let’s get started!




Assessments are one-time exams, similar to traditional tests. Assessments can be used to check on Learner progress and validate the Cerego Readiness Score™ for each learner — a living measurement of their knowledge that evolves over time.

Assessments use the same Content Templates used to build a Learning Set. You can add text, images, videos, audio files, or even upload PDFs.



Surveys are a great way to collect meaningful feedback that may not be obvious from the coursework. Cerego Surveys will also be able to gauge intangibles like learner confidence or enjoyment of the materials.


Learning Sets Long-term retention, multiple study sessions, graded
Assessments Similar to traditional test, no study sessions, graded only once
Surveys Similar to traditional surveys, no study sessions, not graded


Shared Assignments

Shared Assignments are a perfect way to share assignments across multiple courses. With a busy schedule, sometimes assignments can be time consuming to build, but not to worry! Share an Assignment that reaches across multiple Courses. 



SCORM is now supported by Cerego! Feel free to  upload any of your existing SCORM content that you may have created with any number of providers. 


Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload is an awesome way to save time! Already have questions and answers  ready to go?  Bulk uploading is a great way to get your content into a Learning Set quickly. It is also extremely flexible as well!

  1. If you have already created your incorrect answer options (aka Distractors), input them into the CSV template
  2. If you would like Cerego to generate distractors for you, leave that column blank in the template.

Download Bulk Upload Template 

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