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The iOS and Android mobile apps support Offline Study mode which allows learners to study their assignments without being connected to the internet!

Offline Study can be enabled in the settings section after logging into the mobile app. Please be connected to the internet when enabling use of the feature and keep the app running for a short while to allow your assignment data to be downloaded a stored on the device.


When the app detects that no internet connection is available the user's Dashboard will present an option for Offline Study. You can also enable airplane mode on your mobile device to see the Offline Study option.

Dashboard2.png      OfflineAssignmentsList.png

Your assignment's study progress is tracked while in offline mode and will be automatically synced the next time an internet connection is available while running the app. The app will also check for new and updated assignments periodically while connected.

Please be aware that using offline study will increase the mobile apps disk space usage and network activity.

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